Tracey Monaghan

Licensee Salesperson

Real Estate is all about the “here and now” and if you are not here and in the now you are not in Real Estate.  As we approach the middle of 2016 we are still seeing a buoyant market.  Houses that are well presented are getting very competitive bidding, often exceeding everyones expectations.  We are still seeing good numbers of people attending open homes and looking to purchase in our area.  We are mindful of the limitations that are being put on buyers by banks and notice that many buyers are self checking themselves as to what limit they are prepared to pay.  As always it is about the marketing and experience of the Agent and Company you enlist to manage all of those criterias and still get the best price for you.

I am passionate about Real Estate and have been in the business for 13 years with 9 of those based out of the Howick office and the last 4 in the Half Moon Bay office so I have been around long enough to see the changes and know that they are beneficial to both Vendors and Purchasers.  Experience is imperative in this market, dealing with the industry changes and being able to adapt to your “Client’s” needs on a daily basis.

My first priority is always to my Vendors’ ensuring they are well informed and given all of the information to enable them to make the best choice that works for them.  Communication, knowledge and negotiation is the key here.  It is just as important working with Purchasers who can easily become disheartened with a fast moving market.  My quality is in finding solutions, as sometimes securing the right home is a time factor which sometimes can take longer than expected.  Patience and the trust between Agent and Purchaser then becomes imperative when putting that game plan into action to secure the desired property. 

The Investment market may appear to be a challenge with escalating house prices, but by continually looking outside the square and moving to a wider area I have been successful in helping my “Investment Clients” to secure their future.

I am a “Howick Local” and have had the pleasure in raising 3 children through their teenage years to embark on their own life journeys.

Whether you are wanting to sell or buy or just looking for some sound advice, then I would be delighted to help you. My commitment is to create a professional solution that has the best outcome for you.

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