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Brandon McCorkindale

Licensee Salesperson


                                                                          “When I grow up, I want to be a Real Estate Agent”

                 - Brandon McCorkindale, aged 10

True Story.  

Whilst most agents ‘fall into’ the industry or choose it later in life, this path was clear to me before my voice broke. Maybe the evolving urban landscape of East Auckland had an influence.  Maybe it was the hand of destiny. Whatever it was, I was going to sell houses and Monopoly would have to keep me entertained until then.

And here I am, living the dream. Seriously, I have never looked back. The only things I’m more passionate about are my wife Caitlin, and my daughter Evie, they’re my world.

Putting family first is the driving force for many of my clients too. Looking after the sale of their home is looking after their family; a huge responsibility and an exercise in trust I will never take for granted.

In this job I get to feel the pulse of our community, building connections and learning about a wide variety of people at a time of massive change in their lives. Who knew you could learn basic Mandarin, the building code, or how to cultivate a perfect lawn by being an estate agent? 

The sheer variety of homes and architectural styles in this area have blown me away, as have the many uses for a garage! I have a growing bank of ideas for my next home… some of them straight out of the 70’s!  (Sunken lounge anyone?)

So, what am I like to work with?

People describe me as warm, hard-working, positive, energetic, and highly communicative which has proven to be a powerful combination when it comes to selling real estate for East Auckland. I also love animals, good coffee, and teaching Evie how to say “Daddy wants a beer”.

If you would like to work with me, I truly look forward to getting to know you.

Brandon McCorkindale


  • 2023/2024 - Premier Performer